Since 1996, Deena Cooper has trained hundreds of dogs of all breeds and mixes by blending unique positive reinforcement techniques with her genuine love for animals and natural ability to read animals and people. Since then, Deena Cooper has been:

  • Responsible for introducing Canada's first dedicated First Aid Kit for Pets in 1998
  • Featured and has made appearances as an expert in her field on: ET Canada, CBC's Steven and Chris, 1050 Chum Radio, Pet Central
  • Profiled in publications such as: Canadian Business Magazine; Reader's Digest; Globe and Mail; The Toronto Star and The Loop.
  • A certified member of many associations, including: Evaluator of the Canine Good Neighbor Program (CKC), CPR and Pet First Aid, Oakland Education Services, Authorized Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College (ABC), Member of Canadian Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CPPDT), International Positive Dog Trainers Association (IPDTA), Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) & International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and Member of Canadian Kennel Club since 1998.

We have solutions to more than 100 common (and not so common) training and behaviour problems, such as:

  • How to choose the best holiday gifts and presents for your dog
  • How to avoid aggressive behavior in dogs
  • How can I stop my dog from growling and snarling in the dog park?

Visit Ask Deena for complete list of training issues (and solutions).

My boyfriend and I adopted our dog Katie in September 2010. Katie had already been adopted twice and brought back. I started to notice Katie's nervous demeanor. Christmas 2010 Katie fixated on one of our friends and then lunged and tried to bite him. That is when we decided we needed a professional dog trainer. Since Deena's first visit Katie has improved by leaps and bounds. We were able to enroll her in Deena's Canine Good Neighbour Class. Katie is now able to participate in a class with other people and their dogs, a scenario I couldn't have imagined even a few months ago. Giving up on this dog was never an option, but Deena helped our household and my sanity and played a major role in ensuring Katie's forever home could provide her with a happy life.
- Leah